We’re here to help people with scoliosis and Scheuermann’s Kyphosis stand tall, from the inside out.

Welcome to The ScoliClinic

Since 2016, The ScoliClinic has been providing scoliosis-specific physiotherapy and massage therapy to children, teens, and adults.

We strive to deliver the highest quality, ‘7-star’ treatments for people with Scoliosis, Scheuermann’s Kyphosis, and other spinal conditions in British Columbia and beyond. We’re dedicated to treating people of all ages by focusing on the physical AND emotional components, and treating each person as a whole. Together with our Australian team at The Scoliosis Collective, our diverse team of scoliosis-trained therapists advocate for conservative treatment approaches by providing scoliosis-specific treatment, and educating our clients, our peers, and the public on the importance of early identification and early treatment.


Individualized physical therapy based on the Schroth Method principles for kids, teens, and adults with Scoliosis or Scheuermann’s Kyphosis


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the clinics

Each of our clinics is thoughtfully designed to facilitate classic Schroth Method exercises.

The spaces are structured to accommodate individual or group sessions for teens or adults, allowing you to meet others on a similar journey and practice scoliosis-specific exercises together.





North Vancouver


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Winter 2020/2021 Newsletter

The ScoliClinic team is determined to finish 2020 strong, and we’re starting the next decade with many exciting new endeavours! Read on to learn about how several of our staff members are leaning into their strengths to further contribute to our continually-developing vision for our company.

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More stretches to decompress your spine

Decompress your spine with these elongation stretches In our last post, we shared our top 3 Scoliosis-Friendly general body stretches that you could do without any equipment. Now, even though we’re heading into summer, many of us are still spending a lot of time sitting – whether it’s working (at the office or continuing from…

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Top 3 Scoliosis-Friendly Stretches

Feeling stiff from sitting in virtual meetings? We feel it too! Most of us are used to moving around throughout the day, walking through the school hallways, meeting friends for walks, or participating in regular sports and activities. Here’s the common issue we’ve been hearing from our clients these days: “My body doesn’t feel great from…

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do you live outside of
Greater Vancouver?

We offer intensive multi-day ‘intensive’ treatment blocks that build the foundation for you or your child to get started on PSSE in your home.

Please contact us at least 6 weeks prior to your planned dates. Learn more

If you can’t make it to the ScoliClinic, you can look up other Schroth-Certified therapists in the world here.

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