What is The Schroth Method?

The Schroth Method is the internationally recognized gold standard for Physiotherapy treatment of scoliosis and Scheuermann’s Kyphosis, and is supported by SOSORT (Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Treatment).

Physiotherapists and Registered Massage Therapists at The ScoliClinic are trained in the Schroth principles, and they use these complex and curve-specific exercises to help you find a more neutral postural alignment, then strengthen your muscles in that more neutral alignment.

Schroth Method Treatment utilizes carefully chosen exercise positioning and set-up using equipment and props to optimally elongate and align your shoulders, ribcage, lower back, and pelvis.

Breathing techniques are performed using 3-dimensional cues, to help lengthen, expand, and decompress areas of the trunk. As scoliosis and Scheuermann’s Kyphosis may affect the position of the ribs and diaphragm, breathing exercises are a way to activate these muscles in a way that supports your curve.

In asymmetrical conditions such as scoliosis, the muscles on both sides of the spine are affected in different ways. In Schroth Method exercises, therapists use a range of muscle activation techniques to strengthen your muscles in a curve-specific way. Depending on your goals, your therapist may integrate functional exercises to help you lift, bend, and reach. As your treatment plan progresses, curve-specific modifications and cues may also be provided to help you with your sports and activities.


Health concerns, geographical distance, or scheduling challenges may present barriers for you to access treatment.

We offer scoliosis Physiotherapy treatments using the Schroth principles via virtual appointments called Telehealth, and you can choose your combination of in-person or virtual visits that work best for you.

Watch this video below to get an idea of what Schroth exercises at The ScoliClinic are like, whether done in-person or virtually.


Scoliosis Screening

If you suspect that you or your child may have scoliosis but have not yet been diagnosed, scheduling a screening appointment with one of our scoliosis-trained physiotherapists.

These 30-minute appointments provide a condensed version of our comprehensive initial assessment, typically including the following elements:

  • Brief Subjective History: Share any concerns related to posture or pain
  • Postural Assessment: Evaluate your posture to identify any issues
  • Scoliometer Measurement: Measure your trunk rotation, which may indicate a spinal curve
  • Inclinometer Measurement: Assess your trunk alignment from the sideview
  • Referral Letter: If necessary, we will provide a letter to your physician for x-rays, further referrals, or recommendations for bracing or a spine surgeon.

Our experienced physiotherapists are here to help you take the first step towards better spinal health. Schedule your screening today.

June is Scoliosis Awareness Month

Join us on Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 for a special Scoliosis Screening Day event!

  • Where: The ScoliClinic Vancouver (West Broadway)
  • When: Appointments available between 10am-2pm
  • Cost: $60 (regular $124), session is eligible for extended medical benefits
  • Meet an orthotist, ask questions about bracing
  • Giveaways valued at $300, goodie bags, snacks, and more

Schroth Method Vancouver. Spread the word to family and friends, sign up today for a scoliosis screening!


Do you live outside of Vancouver?

We’re aware that most cities in the world have few conservative treatment options for people with scoliosis, and we’ve created a treatment experience with your needs in mind.

Learn more about the treatment options for non-residents.

Before your appointment

Please note our cancellation policy: For regular appointments, we require 48 hours notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment. Clients who provide less than 48 hours notice, or miss their appointment, will be charged a non-refundable cancellation fee of 60% of the original appointment fee. For non-resident intensive treatment blocks, please ask our staff about the booking & cancellation policies.

To maximize your session, please bring:

  • X-ray images if available – we may be able to request images on your behalf for a fee, however some facilities require that you request and pay for them yourself
  • Any relevant reports
  • Moveable clothing (sports bra / tank top, shorts or leggings). Plain, fitted, light-coloured clothing is preferred

Please note: Although we may bill directly to extended medical providers, any balances must be paid at the end of each visit via VISA, MasterCard, or debit. We do not accept AMEX.