· our core values are what bring us together
and shape our company culture ·


Awareness – of self, and of others – is key

  • As staff, we value continual personal development as we understand that we bring our backgrounds, thoughts, biases, and assumptions to our every day work. A deeper understanding of ourselves allows us to understand the role we play in each client’s experience at The ScoliClinic
  • We create unique connections with each of our clients, to hear their needs, both spoken and unspoken
  • We appreciate the complexity of scoliosis and how emotional our clients’ journeys may be. By learning more about the role of emotions and thoughts in pain management, self-confidence, and treatment plan adherence, we aim to address each client as a whole, not just a spine

Focused Efforts Create Expertise

  • Since our company is 100% dedicated to scoliosis, Scheuermann’s Kyphosis, and other spinal conditions we spend ALL our time thinking about these conditions! We seek to understand deeper levels of these conditions, and how we can apply new knowledge to treatments. We value continual learning and knowledge sharing
  • Every team member focuses on these conditions, and contributes to developing systems that are required to support our clients
  • We aim to pass along much of this information to each client, to empower them to advocate for themselves

Thrive On Change

  • We appreciate that change can feel challenging, and can result in more effective outcomes while creating rich learning opportunities for personal, professional, and company growth
  • We welcome feedback and aim to stay open minded; we challenge our status quo
  • We listen closely to clients’ ideas to modify existing services and processes, and create new offerings

Everything is Figureoutable*

  • When we encounter challenges or barriers in our day-to-day work, we remember that there is always a solution. We may need to do research, seek external support, ask our peers, and map out possible options, but there is always a way forward
  • If there is a roadblock to our client’s progress, we tap into our resourcefulness to find a solution*Full credit for the phrase goes to Marie Forleo, who’s work inspired us many years ago

Create Connection

  • We connect people on different stages of their scoliosis journey with those further down the road; we also connect clients with other clients via group classes and other community activities