We’re here to help people with scoliosis
stand tall, from the inside out.

The ScoliClinic is a socially conscious healthcare company that provides high-quality scoliosis care.

Our clinic strives to deliver 7-star experiences through scoliosis-specific physiotherapy and massage therapy treatments for children, teens, and adults with scoliosis, Scheuermann’s Kyphosis, and other spinal conditions.

Every aspect of our organization – from clinic design, to front desk processes, to therapist education – has been designed to meet the needs of the people with scoliosis and our staff who serve them. We strive to provide each client with treatment plan that is curve-specific and personalized to their needs and goals.

Our team at The ScoliClinic strives to change the scoliosis landscape in BC and beyond, by continually learning how to provide the highest quality care in an inclusive way, and engaging in projects that work towards systems change.

scoliosis treatments

Curve-specific scoliosis treatments for people of all ages using Schroth Method principles


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our clinics

Each of our spaces is thoughtfully designed to facilitate classic Schroth Method exercises.

The spaces are structured to accommodate individual or group sessions, allowing you to meet others on a similar journey.


rock climbing walls and stall bars in gym at The ScoliClinic Vancouver



North Vancouver


do you live outside of Vancouver?

Start scoliosis physiotherapy in your home today with a custom-designed combination of virtual and multi-day ‘intensive’ in-person treatment sessions.

Please contact us at least 6 weeks prior to your planned dates. Learn more


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2023 Letter To Stakeholders

Level Up: /ˈlev(ə)l/ /UHp/: to advance to the next level of development — In The ScoliClinic’s 7th year, we focused on ‘levelling up’ in many ways. In the fall, our leadership team reached a crossroads of decisions: what’s our next move? Last year we focused on refining of some major processes within the company. Now,…

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Scoliosis Surgery – What To Bring To The Hospital

Going to the hospital for any reason can cause feelings of anxiety or worry, but going to the hospital for major surgery can be extra  nervewracking. We have many of clients at The ScoliClinic who undergo Spinal Fusion Surgery, and to help you prepare for this we’ve put together our top items to bring for…

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Judy’s Story

When Judy’s sister used to sew dresses for her, she’d tell her to stand up straight. “I would wonder why she would say that,” says Judy, “because I would say to her, I am standing straight.”    Unaware of her scoliosis, Judy found this instruction hurtful and confusing. Standing “straight” seemed to come naturally to…

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