We’re excited to be offering Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions, also known as ‘Telehealth’ appointments! During the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that some people prefer to stay home as much as possible. We’ll be continuing our Scoliosis-Specific Physiotherapy and Pilates sessions on our virtual platform for anyone who prefers this option.

Through Telehealth sessions, you can meet with your Physio, ask questions, and have guided exercise sessions using a secure platform for video conferencing.

How can we help you at this time?:

  • For first-time clients:
    • you can share your Scoliosis journey
    • we’ll provide education on your curve, and Xrays (if available)
    • together, we can discuss how we can help you reach your goals during this challenging time of isolation
    • we’ll prescribe exercises that you can start on, until we meet in-person at our clinics
  • For existing clients, we may review:
    • your pain management strategies for home
    • any new Xray images that we’ve received
    • your home exercise program, where we can guide you through your curve-specific exercises and provide direct feedback to you in your actual home set-up
    • your work/study set-up
    • how you do activities around the home
    • a routine for other exercises that you can implement at home, to help you stay healthy

Is Telehealth effective?

    • Ample research has been done on the efficacy of Telehealth in various conditions, some notable outcomes, relatable to our clients include:
    • “Comparable outcomes for the treatment of lower back pain” (Lbada et al., 2019)
    • “Telehealth is effective in management of chronic spinal pain” (Cottrell et al., 2018)

Please note that we’re offering Telehealth for 1:1 Physiotherapy sessions, Group Physiotherapy sessions, and Group Scoliosis-Friendly Pilates sessions.

Do you live outside of the British Columbia lower mainland area? We’ve designed a special structure for you, via our Intensive Treatment option.

Whether it’s in-person or virtually, we look forward to continuing to provide high quality care to those with Scoliosis, Scheuermann’s Kyphosis, and other spinal conditions.

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