registered massage therapist
speaks English (fluent)
accepting kids, teens, adults, and elderly

*currently on maternity leave*


A little about me:

I was born and raised in The Okanagan. I moved to Vancouver 8 years ago and I currently live in North Vancouver with my family. Growing up I was raised with a lot of my mother’s Ukrainian heritage but I also have French Canadian roots from my father’s side of the family.

I value honesty and genuineness in people and as a therapist I strive to be just that. I believe that being kind and compassionate is the basis to any strong therapist-patient relationship and from that we are able to build a care plan unique to your body and lifestyle. I also believe that true health encompasses not only physical health but also mental health and during my treatments I aim to create a space that feels safe and non-judgmental to allow the patient to start to heal from the inside-out.


What to expect in a treatment session with me:

My treatment style incorporates traditional Swedish techniques with deep tissue massage, always working within the patient’s preferred pressure scale. I have been told that I’m tiny but mighty when it comes to my strength!

I received the Heart Award during my Massage Therapy program, given to the person who shows the most positive regard toward others combined with a passionate commitment to excel within the massage therapy profession, and I bring that commitment into treatment sessions with my clients.

I find value in making a positive difference in someone’s journey towards what they consider optimal health and well-being and as a massage therapist at TSC I feel very grateful to be a part of a team specialized in doing just that with people living with scoliosis and curve deviations.

My work at The ScoliClinic is supported by the following certifications:

  • Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School – Basic Course – November 2021
  • Massage Therapy During the Childbearing Years – Pt 4: Infant Massage, 2021
  • Massage Therapy During the Childbearing Years – Pt 1: Pregnancy & Massage Therapy, 2019
  • Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, 2015
  • Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology from UBC Okanagan, 2012