client coordinator
speaks English (fluent) and Hindi (fluent)


A little about me:

Navigating through different cultures and environments from a young age has shaped my outlook in profound ways. Growing up in Qatar, amidst a tapestry of nationalities, I developed a natural curiosity and adaptability towards diverse cultures and ethnicities.

My passion for exploration led me to travel extensively, immersing myself in over 20 countries, experiencing the beauty of human diversity firsthand. Alongside my wanderlust, I nurtured a love for dance, finding expression and joy through movement on stages worldwide.

In 2023, my journey took an unexpected turn when I underwent interbody fusion spine surgery to address a disc herniation. This transformative experience ignited a newfound purpose within me. Inspired by my own journey of recovery, I felt compelled to channel my energy towards supporting others facing similar challenges.

This drive led me to The ScoliClinic, where I found a community dedicated to providing specialized care and unwavering support to individuals navigating spinal health issues. Here, I am honoured to offer guidance and empathy, drawing from my own journey to instill hope and encouragement in others. My transition into healthcare represents a deeply personal commitment to empowering others with the belief that with motivation and determination, brighter days lie ahead.