client coordinator
x-ray analyst
speaks English (fluent)


A little about me:

I grew up in Abbotsford BC for the majority of my life where I went to school, competitively danced and spent time in nature. I am the youngest in my family and my ancestry is a combination of English, Scottish, Irish and Italian roots. At the age of 12 years old, my dance teacher noticed that one of my shoulders was dropped and my back was misaligned. This led to my scoliosis journey where I was followed by a spinal surgeon at BC Children’s Hospital. At the time, there were little resources available for scoliosis-specific treatment. Although I have recently started treatment in my adulthood with The ScoliClinic, it has helped me immensely! I work at The ScoliClinic so I can support others through their struggles with scoliosis.

My loves include dance, yoga, travel, vegetarianism and sports injury. My dance background and my own experience with scoliosis was the driving force for pursuing my Bachelor in Kinesiology and my extended minor in Psychology. I am passionate about addressing the mental impact of scoliosis in regards to depression, anxiety and body dysmorphia. I am specifically interested in sport psychology research and the mind-body connection. In 2019, I travelled to Fiji and completed an internship with Fiji National Sports Commission where we facilitated sports and wellness programs in rural communities. This experience sparked my desire to make physiotherapy treatment and nutrition education more accessible, especially in developing countries.


What you can expect from an interaction with me:

My ultimate goal in life is to help others be the best version of themselves. This is why I love to share vulnerable, open and honest conversations with others! I will be here to help you push yourself out of your comfort zone and share laughs along the way. I love sharing my personal experience with scoliosis to clients and learning about their journey with scoliosis. If there is anything you want to chat about, I will be here to listen.


My work is supported by a growing list of courses:

  • University of The Fraser Valley: Bachelor of Kinesiology specializing in Exercise Science and Extended Minor in Psychology
  • BCAK – Registered Kinesiologist
  • Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Course on Research Ethics
  • Canadian Centre for Ethics In sport – COVID-19 and Return to Testing