operations assistant
speaks English (fluent)


I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work at The ScoliClinic, and haven’t looked back since. Working at The ScoliClinic has taught me about our healthcare system and the human body, while also allowing me to become part of a supportive and holistic community. Although I do not personally have scoliosis, working at The ScoliClinic has been eye-opening for me. It has made me more aware of the struggles that people with health issues experience on a daily basis that aren’t always immediately visible, and showed me how necessary it is to approach all situations with empathy and respect.


One of my responsibilities at The ScoliClinic is helping with our YouTube Channel, TSC Connect. Working on TSC Connect has been both fun and rewarding. Along with the rest of the YouTube team, I was able to brainstorm content ideas and use my passion for photography to create a final product that will hopefully positively impact many people. I hope that TSC Connect will help a wider range of people understand more about health issues and the effects they have on relationships with themselves and others, as well as provide an alternative solution for individuals that do not have access to healthcare.

I am currently studying science at UBC and although I don’t know exactly what I want to pursue, I’m excited to challenge myself, both personally and academically, as I learn and grow. I love a good challenge – whether that means solving a riddle, trying a new recipe, reading lots of new books (this one’s not too hard for me, actually – I love reading), or helping with design and decoration of The ScoliClinic’s staff area.

Even though I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work at the ScoliClinic, feel free to say hello! My friends and family can tell you that I’m always up for a chat, plus I’m an excellent source for book recommendations!