BSc, MPT Candidate
client coordinator
peer-to-peer program coordinator
speaks English (fluent)


A little about me:

As a second generation Chinese-Canadian whose family has rather unique cultural influences, I never felt as “Asian” as most of my Chinese friends or as “Canadian” as my Caucasian friends when growing up. Now I am working on re-learning my family’s little-known dialect through conversations with my grandmother, and am gaining greater appreciation for my cultural heritage. This has been a tremendous source of growth for me, and has opened my mind and heart to treating every conversation I have – including my interactions with you – as a learning opportunity.


What you can expect from an interaction with me:

As a client coordinator, I feel privileged to be the first person at The ScoliClinic whom you trust with your story.

As the Peer-to-Peer Program Coordinator, I want to help create a space where that story can be honoured and celebrated. In both of my roles, you can expect me to bring my whole heart to every conversation we share. I want to acknowledge the hardships you’ve been through, and be right there with you as you prepare to take the next step in your scoliosis/Scheuermann’s Kyphosis journey. My hope is that when you communicate with me, you will feel cherished and genuinely seen. When I ask about how your treatment session went or how I can best support you in your mentoring relationship, I truly want to know. Getting to know you and building a relationship with you is one of the greatest sources of joy in my work.