interim physiotherapist
accepting kids, teens, and adults

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age nine. I wore a brace for 3 years until I was told I would require corrective spinal fusion surgery at age 13. After two years on the surgical waitlist, I finally at received the operation at age 15. While I remained active and healthy throughout the course of my treatment, I wasn’t ever aware of options for me to actively participate in my treatment.

I discovered the work of The ScoliClinic while I was completing my Master of Physical Therapy Program at UBC, which completely changed my understanding of scoliosis treatment. I want to help the next generation of teenagers with scoliosis, so joining the team was a natural next step. 


My work at The ScoliClinic is supported by the following certifications:

  • Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School – Basic Course – November 2020
  • UBC Master of Physical Therapy, 2020
  • Orthopedic Divisions – Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Level 1 – June 2020