registered massage therapist
accepting kids, teens, adults, elder adults
speaks English (fluent)

I grew up in Calgary, attended university in Winnipeg, and have lived in Vancouver since 2015.
I’ve been a practicing RMT since 2017. During these years I’ve worked in a variety of clinical settings and with many different populations. Primarily my practice has focused on acute injury rehabilitation.
In addition to my RMT practice, I teach in the RMT program at Langara College, which I find challenging, engaging and energizing.
I’m also pursuing a Master degree in Rehabilitation Sciences at UBC. In this program, I exercise my curiosity, deepen my communication and clinical reasoning skills, and am immersed in the research on physical therapy and rehabilitation.
I joined The ScoliClinic team in early 2021 as I was drawn to this environment that relies on collaboration. TSC’s values of growth and empowerment for team members and clients alike are evident in action, policies, and decision-making.

What to expect in a treatment session with me:

We’ll engage in conversations and assessments based on your curve type, short-term goals, and long-term goals followed by specific and targeted treatment, with integrated corrections or exercises to help you work towards achieving your goals.

I take a ‘think globally, act locally’ perspective in my approach to treatment, considering the functionality of the whole body while working on specific regions, joints or muscles.

I believe in trauma-informed, inclusive care and I welcome any concerns you may have. I do my best to provide various treatment technique and set-up options to ensure you feel comfortable and safe. Together, we can create solutions that work best for you.