Jerome C.
De Leon

accepting kids, teens, adults
speaks English and Tagalog


A little bit about me:

My fascination with scoliosis started in the early days of my career as a physiotherapist in the Philippines. I vividly remember a family whose child had scoliosis and was facing surgery. Back then, my knowledge about scoliosis was limited because it wasn’t emphasized in our physiotherapy curriculum. This experience lit a spark in me to delve deeper into scoliosis and seek additional training abroad. Thankfully, our efforts led to a reduced need for surgery.
Coming from a third-world country, I’ve always placed a strong emphasis on making therapy plans cost-effective. I’m dedicated to maximizing every visit while ensuring the family’s satisfaction. I deeply value the time and effort they invest in physiotherapy.
My ultimate goal is to become an exceptionally skilled physiotherapist capable of guiding individuals and families on their scoliosis and spine health journey through exercise-based treatment and conservative management. I’m committed to learning from my clients and applying my experiences to create a holistic approach to health management.


Why am I working at The ScoliClinic and in scoliosis? 

Before I made the move to Vancouver, I had the privilege of running my very own scoliosis clinic in the Philippines as a solo physiotherapist. It was an incredible experience, but my journey didn’t stop there. Joining the ScoliClinic has been a fantastic opportunity for me to continue growing as a physiotherapist and expanding my skills.
I truly believe that teamwork with compassionate and dedicated colleagues can make a world of difference in the experience of our clients and their families. At the ScoliClinic, our clients get the benefit of tapping into the collective knowledge of specialists from various fields.
For me, the measure of success in treatment is when our clients develop a profound understanding of their condition, the exercises, pain prevention, and management, to the point where they need less and less supervision from the physiotherapist. There’s no greater reward than witnessing our patients blossom into self-confident, strong individuals who become passionate advocates for scoliosis rehabilitation, inspiring other families facing similar challenges along the way.


Certifications that support my work:

Rigo Method/Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School, L1 – July 2023
Rigo Method/ Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School, C1– November 2019
International Schroth 3-dimensional Scoliosis Therapy® According to Asklepios Katharina Schroth Part I – December 2018
International Schroth 3-dimensional Scoliosis Therapy® According to Asklepios Katharina Schroth Part II – June 2019
Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT) Member – June 2022
University of the Philippines – Manila, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy – June 2017