mentoring program coordinator
*currently on maternity leave until Sept 2022*
speaks English and French (fluent in both)


A bit about me:

Becoming a physio has been a lifelong dream, and supporting people with scoliosis since graduation has been more fulfilling and rewarding than I could have imagined. 

Growing up as a third culture kid in the multi-cultural city of Paris France has shaped me to have an insatiable curiosity for human diversity, attuned me to different ways of seeing the world, and has taught me to be highly adaptable. Moving to Canada for a degree in Kinesiology and having the opportunity to work in research satisfied my thirst for knowledge of the human body, but it is only in physio school and later at The ScoliClinic that I saw my passion for science and human connection meld together. 

I was diagnosed with scoliosis and hyperkyphosis at the age of 13 and received little support from the medical system. In hindsight, I was disconnected from my body, had little awareness of how my diagnosis was affecting me physically and emotionally, and had no idea what I could do to care for my body. 

One of my favourite parts of journeying as a physiotherapist with people of all ages with scoliosis, hyperkyphosis, and other postural deviations is facilitating a path to empowerment and success by providing information, exercising a discerning eye on what key factors may be influencing a pain experience, and creating a highly personalized exercise plan. I feel passionate about creating a safe space where individuals can come wherever they are on their journey and leave feeling heard with one concrete step they can take to move forward. 


My practice is supported by a growing list of courses, to better help my clients:

  • Integrated Systems Model Series – 2021
  • Integrated Systems Model 3-Day Course: The Thorax and Pelvis – 2019
  • Schroth-Barcelona Institute – C1 – Sept 2018
  • Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science – 2018
  • Aquatic Therapy for Pain Management Workshop – 2018
  • Soft Tissue Release Workshop – 2018
  • University of Toronto Master of Physical Therapy – 2018
  • Non-internal Introductory Pelvic Floor Course – 2017

What to expect in a treatment session with me:

One of the things I like to tell my clients is: “you can’t change a posture you are not aware of”. When needed, my approach will often involve having people start by connecting to their body through movement to build a larger brain body map and create awareness of common postural strategies. With some level of awareness, it is much easier to build strength and develop new and more aligned postural habits.

In situations of pain or discomfort, I enjoy playing detective to figure out which body parts may be playing victim vs. perpetrator. The Integrated Systems Model series by Diane Lee has provided me with fantastic tools to expedite this process. At times I will use acupuncture as an adjunct tool to facilitate treatment. Finally, when appropriate, I love having conversations around the emotional impact of scoliosis and the bigger life lessons that can be drawn from the scoliosis/postural journey. How can learning to care for your posture be a springboard to loving yourself better?

I can’t wait to meet you! The ScoliClinic is a beautifully inclusive space and I am confident that you will feel supported by every team member you encounter here.