registered massage therapist
diversity & inclusion advisor
accepting kids, teens, adults, elder adults
*currently on maternity leave*
speaks English (fluent)


A little bit about me:

I am a fourth generation Canadian, with my family’s original roots in England and Ireland. My family stretches from the shores of Newfoundland and Vancouver Island. The coastal roots are deeply engrained in me as I find I am most at peace when I am near the ocean. Having been raised in North Delta and then moving to Kitsilano, I spent a lot of my childhood playing amongst the tress and in the sand. Since the outdoors have played such a significant role in my life, I’ve always been environmentally conscious – I’ve never known a time in my life where I wasn’t recycling or composting. I learned that having a strong sense of community is important to me which I have found in the places I’ve chosen to live. I have always been proud to live in, be educated in, and give back to BC.  

I take my position as an RMT seriously. I consider my job to be one of high privilege as you are trusting me with your body. I am driven by science and I encourage my patients to listen to what their body is saying. I find a harmony in welding the two ideologies together. I believe every body is entailed to the access of health care.


What you can expect in a treatment session with me:

A safe, judgement free space where you are encouraged to ask questions about your body and the massage treatment. I’ve been told my treatment style is more on the traditional side of the scale. I use a lot of flowy movements and a variety of active and passive stretches to gain new length for your muscles. I will always keep the pressure within your pain tolerance. You won’t hurt my feelings by telling me you need less pressure, and I promise it’ll make the treatment more enjoyable. You might even find the benefits of the massage last longer because your  muscles were able to relax and not tensing through pressure that was too much for your body.

Certifications that support my work:
  • Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology from The University of British Columbia
  • Diploma in Registered Massage Therapy from The West Coast College of Massage Therapy
  • Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School – Basic Course
  • Massage Therapy During the Childbearing Years – Part 1 Pregnancy and Massage Therapy