brand designer
speaks English and Cantonese (fluent in both)


I was born and raised here in Vancouver BC with both parents originally from Hong Kong. Growing up, my parents have always encouraged me to have a strong work ethic as well as self-awareness to recognize and pursue my true interests. This mindset allowed me to follow my passion for graphic design, while studying biomedical engineering at UBC. At a young age, I fell in love with design. Formerly working in the fashion industry, my mom had these massive portfolios that I used to admire as a child. I played with her colour wheels and imagined what swatches and patterns would look good together, leading me to develop an appreciation for style and aesthetics. I found an outlet for my creative cravings in school projects and outfit curations. Then, eventually in media and marketing.

At TSC, I saw how well thought-out and appealing designs could aid in effectively communicating the therapists’ knowledge with clients. And how this added boost could ultimately help reach a greater scope of people. By designing the clinic’s promotional media, signage, and social media posts, I aim to extend TSC’s reach to a greater community in need of our services; to use my own experiences with scoliosis to create meaningful media for others going through a similar journey; and to support the physical and mental health effects that often come with these diagnoses.