TSC Connect

We understand that it’s isn’t always possible for you to bring your child for treatment with our team. We acknowledge barriers such as geographical location, finances, or scheduling, and so we created our YouTube channel with the goal of improving accessibility for families. TSC Connect is a platform for you to access free scoliosis resources from home.

With online workouts becoming more and more popular, we designed scoliosis-friendly workouts that your teen can do at home – and here are a few of our favourites. Be sure to check out our full channel HERE to see more workouts, educational videos, interviews, and more.

*Please remember that although these workout are designed to help your child maintain your fitness with scoliosis-friendly movements, they will not necessarily prevent progression of the curve. These workouts do NOT replace individualized consultation and treatment by a Scoliosis-trained Physiotherapist – in our 1:1 sessions, our therapists will prescribe curve-specific exercises to help your child achieve specific goals.

Meet Hannah and learn about her 5-year Scoliosis Journey

Hannah found out she had scoliosis with she was 13. In this interview, she shares her experience as a newly diagnosed teen, navigating highschool with a brace, and how she’s thankful for her parents support and firm encouragement to do her scoliosis exercises.

Core Workout

Core, core and more core! Are you always told by your medical professionals to ‘just keep your core strong’, but then only see YouTube workouts with lots of twisting and crunching? We made this core workout just for you!

Back Strengthening Workout

Back muscle strength is crucial for people who have scoliosis and Scheuermann’s Kyphosis.

This workout incorporates movements that activate many muscles of your shoulders and back while keeping your spine in a neutral and elongated position.