Group physiotherapy sessions are one of our offerings that we’re most proud of.

Scoliosis can feel isolating – since it’s not necessarily a condition that’s easily visible in our day-to-day lives, many of our clients tell us that they don’t know anyone who has scoliosis, or that they wish they could talk to someone else about what they’re going through.

For these reasons, we’ve been offering group physio sessions for over 5 years! We love them because:

  • Groups offer a lower cost option to allow clients to continue treatment more consistently for longer
  • People can meet others facing similar challenges with scoliosis
  • Groups offer a stepping stone towards independence, where the Physio is still present
  • They keep the session dynamics fresh! Therapists try out new exercises or new uses for equipment

We have groups for kids, teens, and adults at various times in the week. These sessions are offered as a hybrid of telehealth and in-person, so you can attend via the option that suits your schedule best.

Please note that clients must complete your first phase of 1:1 treatment, to ensure familiarity with curve patterns and exercise cues.

If you or someone you know has scoliosis or other spinal conditions, these groups may be a great option for them. Call us for more info, or if you’re an existing client, talk to your ScoliClinic Physiotherapist or RMT to discuss if these groups are the right fit for your needs.