One year ago today, we welcomed clients into our brand new company headquarters.

Built from scratch, we maxed out our decision-making capacity to create our dream home. Our ‘headquarters’ was built to support our vision of a continued expansion of our offerings, to serve more areas of British Columbia, Canada, and (hopefully) the world.

And already, it’s proven to be the meeting ground for our growing team, and the birthplace of many new ideas that then become filtered and modified to suit each location.

We worked closely with the design-build team at Kerr Construction, who listened closely to our needs.

Here were a few of the features that we carefully planned into our space.


More treatment spaces!

Our first Vancouver space had the capacity for a maximum of 3 therapists working at one time. With our growing number of clients, most of whom are in school or at work during the day, it was crucial to increase after-school and weekend availability.

We took a leap of faith and signed a lease for a 2125 square foot unit (2 smaller units combined into one)… approximately four times the size of our first space on Fraser Street! We now can have 6 therapists working simultaneously (5 during COVID times).

Here’s what it looked like when we signed the lease – it certainly required a bit of imagination:


The Grand Gym

Our gym space has always been our signature room in our clinics. We’ve evolved each clinic to find our most efficient and favourable set-up, and the HQ space. We have high ceilings, 6 wall ladders, 2 rockclimbing walls, and custom storage for scoliosis therapy equipment, all in 3 separate spaces that can transform into one large space for classes. Here it is during construction, then after:


Large, comfortable, somewhere-you-want-to-hang-out staff space

Our first Vancouver clinic had a cozy staff room, which helped us to establish clear communication & tidy storage habits, and build relationships with each other. We quickly outgrew it, so we committed to dedicating a large space in HQ with a kitchenette area, laundry, and multiple working areas.

Here’s our first staff room on Fraser Street, which had desks PLUS the ‘binder-making station’ for client educational materials:


The new staff area at HQ originally looked like this:

… which we transformed into a spacious room complete with 3 separate working/sitting areas.


We centralized the ‘binder-making station’ with a worktop into the hallway, here’s during construction and after:


Dedicated Mentoring Space

Our Mentoring Program has become a HUGE contributor to our therapist and client successes.

We previously met wherever space was available, often sitting on the floor and shifting from room to room as clients came in for their appointments.

Our new staff area now also has a mentoring room to provide a quiet space for staff to meet, practice techniques, and review client cases.

Check out the Mentoring Room during construction and after (we even put in a peekaboo window, so we can wave at our teammates in the hallway below!):



Branding and Feel

The ‘TSC vibe’ is extremely important to us, and we wanted to bring our meaningful logo to be larger-than-life, and weave in clean arboreal elements throughout the space. We’ve also been slowly growing our plant family, many of whom have been lovingly named. After all, creating a calming and welcoming FEEL in a space is the first step to facilitating physical and emotional healing.

Each day we’re in there, we’re grateful to the very supportive friends and family that travelled from near and far to help bring our space to life one year ago.

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with us – we feel like we’ve really settled into our new home.

– The ScoliClinic Team

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