Are you a Physiotherapist interested in joining our team? Do you want to deepen your understanding of the fascinating, complex, 3-dimensional nature of scoliosis? We believe that our sum is greater than our parts, and we’re looking to add a Physiotherapist with a team mindset, who will exponentially increase our impact in the scoliosis community.

With options for full-time or part-time positions in all locations, this is an exciting opportunity to get involved with a unique, progressive, and fast-growing physiotherapy company! The ScoliClinic has an exciting vision for growth in the near future that we want you to be a part of.

Duties and associated personal attributes

  • Developing strong therapeutic relationships with clients and respectful work relationships with colleagues, so must have a willingness to participate in continued learning and incorporation of principles to create a diverse, inclusive, accessible, and trauma-informed practice environment
  • Analyzing and interpreting client X-Rays, so attention to detail is needed
  • Planning and providing scoliosis-specific treatment and home exercise prescription, so short and long term thinking is valuable
  • Assess and treat the spine AND all other areas of the body, so well-rounded clinical knowledge will be practiced
  • Electronic documentation of client treatment sessions – sufficient keyboard skills and digital navigation are a must. Familiarity with Apple/Mac products and programs is an asset
  • Creating patient home exercise binders, so organization and an eye for esthetics are advantageous
  • Educating clients and families on many aspects of scoliosis, so strong teaching and communication skills are a must
  • Liaising with client’s wellness network (coaches, personal trainers, pilates instructors, RMTs, physicians, surgeons, and more!) so an open-minded, collaborative attitude is beneficial
  • Optional: Participating in teaching engagements and community events, so if you like to connect and socialize, this is for you!

Perks of the job

  • Challenge your mind by deepening your understanding of an complex spinal condition
  • One-on-one, 60 to 120-minute sessions with each client to allow time for deep connection and thorough care
  • Steady stream of new clients, with support for caseload management strategies
  • Structured, personalized mentorship program, up 2 hours of focused learning per week
  • Weekly ‘Wisdom Wednesday’ meetings with the whole team
    • Absorb clinical knowledge from experienced therapists on the team
    • Experience personal growth in communication, self-awareness, mindfulness with guest speakers
    • Contribute your voice to the development of company procedures and initiatives to improve your work life and enhance our clients’ experiences
  • Team social activities that allow us to experience beautiful Vancouver and the lower mainland of BC
  • Being a part of a fast-growing, innovative company that heavily focuses on operational efficiency to streamline therapists’ workload and optimize client experience
  • Many opportunities for progression through a career trajectory to help you design the life you want to live
  • Contribute to a greater cause – work with an underserved population in a developing field of Physiotherapy that is in high demand


  • Master of Physical Therapy degree, or recognized equivalent
  • Fully registered and in good standing with CPTBC (or in process of attaining this)
  • Training and experience in The Schroth Method principles are preferred
    • Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School Courses
    • ISST Schroth Training
    • SSOL Global Schroth Training
    • If no previous training, must be willing to attend courses – financial support is available
  • Familiarity with Apple/Mac products and programs is an asset


Multiple options for salary or commission are open for discussion.
As all staff are employees, other benefits such as CPP and EI contribution, vacation pay, and statutory holiday pay are included.
Bonuses and educational credits are also available.

Get in touch

To set up an exploratory conversation (because we want to make sure that you feel we’re the right fit for your needs too!), please email Andrea Mendoza at with WHY you want to join us.