Andrea Mendoza was a physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group from 2011 to 2015. During that time, she worked with a few children with scoliosis. As she was a new, keen therapist, she researched further possibilities for training to work with this very complex condition.

The Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School offers training in a few locations throughout the United States. In February 2015, Andrea flew down to chilly Milwaukee for the C1 certification course. In the 10 days of training, her eyes were opened to the world of scoliosis, and she quickly realized how much more information was available beyond her entry-level physical therapy training.

When Andrea returned as a Schroth-Certified Physical Therapist, she realized that many families in the Greater Vancouver area had been searching for a therapist trained in the Schroth Method, and she made the decision to open a clinic with the space and infrastructure designed to suit their needs best.

Now with an ever-growing team at the location in Vancouver shared with Kids Physio Group, a satellite clinic in Surrey within Hodgson Orthopedic Group, and another clinic in North Vancouver on the way, The ScoliClinic continues to collaborate with community leaders to fulfill our mission to help people with scoliosis stand tall, from the inside out.

We want to change the game of how scoliosis is being conservatively managed in British Columbia. Our workplace culture drives our team to deliver high quality scoliosis-specific physiotherapy services to British Columbia.

We aim to provide our clients with a 7-star experience to help them stand tall, by keeping the following values at the core of how the company operates: (table with image below)- all of our staff contributed to this table

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